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國立東華大學 歐盟研究中心

【莫內講座】朱鎮明教授專題演講  從電影再見列寧談歐洲行政空間之發展
2018.09.17 The Recent Development of the EU and Prospect of EU-Taiwan Relations
2018.06.08 Dr.Sang- chul Park European Union and the Asia Economic Integration
2018.06.08 Dr. Sang- chul Park Globalization and Europe
2018.05.18Prof. Dr. Eike-Christian Hornig-The History of Federalism and Unitarism Europe
20180518 Prof. Dr. Eike-Christian Hornig-Latest Developments in German Politics
2018.05.04黃偉峰副研究員 Exploring the EP's Assertiveness on EU External Agreements
2018.04.20賴昀辰教授 Brexit's impact to the European Union: external and internal effects
2018.3.23 冷則剛教授 Glocalization and China
2017.12.11 朱鎮明教授 Good bye Lenin and the Development of European Administrative Space
2017.12.25Prof. Emilian Kavalski  Eastern Europe:Between Brussels and Beijing
2017.12.04 Prof. Dieter Eissel 歐盟金融與預算危機:希臘撙節政策個案
2017.11.27 Ms. Madeleine MAJORENKO (EU after 60 years:Retrospect and Prospect)
2017.11.20 石忠山教授 (歐洲統合精神的形上學反思)
2017.10.30 The EU's External Economic Relations and Its Normative Power
2017.10.23 German Federal Election and the transformation of the Party Politics in Germany